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January 2021
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Blessings abound!
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Posted by: DrWayne @ 6:11 pm

Yes, the Lord continues to bless us.  Last week we discovered that we have successfully paid off the 15 year mortgage on our house in 12 years.  Thank you Lord for that blessing and for the ability to use your blessings to make a difference.   Then, we learned that our oldest son and his wife are expecting.  Yep, the second grandchild is on the way.  “Go forth and multiply”.  No, we don’t know whether to buy blue or pink yet…it’s just too early for that.  I know that some out there have been inundated by the rain and don’t want to hear about it, but we have been in drought, and we praise the Lord for the rain we have been getting in the past few days and for the prospect of more over the next week. 

My mother is in recovery from extreme infections.  I don’t think she even knew how sick she really was.  Now she is in rehabilitation trying to get her strength back so she can return home, although infections seem to continue to creap back in.  Praise the Lord, for His healing power, may He continue to strengthen and heal her.  Brian is in his last week in Ashkelon, (http://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/jsource/vie/Ashkelon.html) Israel doing archeaological digs in his New Testament Archeaological studes.  The Lord has continued to bless the efforts of the team there and has kept them safe, only a few miles North of the Gaza Strip.  Next week he moves on to Hippos-Sussitis on the Sea of Gallelee to study a Roman fortress that was built during the Christian era.  We are pleased to see him get away from the Gaza Strip, but concerned about his closeness to Lebanon and the Golan Heights.  Pray for his continued safety and God’s continued Blessing upon Israel and the people of this land. 

For anyone looking for a way to contribute to the future of Israel while using God’s gift to you, you might want to consider investing in Israel through the index fund AMIDEX35 (www.amidex35.com) .  This fund invests in and tracks the top 35 companies that are found in Israel.  It trades under the symbol AMDCX on wallstreet and is currently trading in the mid 8s.   Another one to keep an eye on is Zion Oil Company (http://www.zionoil.com) which is a Texas corporation doing oil exploration in Northern Israel.  It is trading under the symbol ZN.  I know some of you believe that trading stocks is “gambling” and is wrong.  But, the Lord’s parables more than once make it clear that we are not to hoard the blessings has given us, but to use them for His glory and to multiply them.  He tells us, speaking of Israel, “I will bless those who bless you and I will curse those who curse you”.   Of course there are many other ways to contribute to the people and the prosperity of Israel such as through donations to the numerous funds that have been set up to help the people of the region.  May God continue to Bless His People until the day Christ returns.  W


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