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January 2021
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Chicago Road Trip
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Posted by: DrWayne @ 4:03 pm

Just learned that I get to make the 800+ mile road trip to Chicago this weekend with one of the boys.  He’s been blessed by admission to Graduate School at Wheaton College just outside of Chicago.  He’ll be working on his Master of Arts degree in Archeaology: New Testament.  That involves a 6 week archeaological dig in Isreal this summer followed with courses at Jesusalem University this fall, before returning to Wheaton.  That’s cool since it will give me a great excuse to return to Isreal, one of my favorite places to visit.  Now all that brings me around to the discussion of Loneliness.  You ask how did I get there?

Well with my son taking off to Wheaton where he knows no one, to Isreal where he not only knows no one, but also doesn’t know the language, that could lead to a lonely situation if he’s not careful to remember that God is always there even when you are alone.  Being alone and being lonely are two different things.  I’ve often been alone, but not lonely because I had things to do, and things to occupy my time and my mind.  But, I’ve also been in the middle of a crowd and been lonely, especially in a large crowd.  That is understandable, but the worst loneliness seems to be the one where you are with your friends or your loved ones and somehow feel alone, unwanted, undesirable, unable to participate, even wanting to be alone with your loneliness.  It’s a strange feeling.  But there are many who have been there and who know of where I speak. 

So what is this loneliness.  It’s an emptiness inside.  A hole in the heart.  A need that nothing seems to fill.  For most of us, it even seems that God is not there.  It’s important to know that when we are the lonliest and when God seems the fartherest away is when we have a great opportunity to grow in our sprituality.  It is a time when we can be alone with God even though we are in the midst of much.  It is a time when we need to turn to God and ask Him to fill that emptiness in our soul, in our heart, that only He can fill.   Ask Him to fill us to overflowing, to let us know that He is truely always there.  We need never be dismayed in our loneliness: we only need to call on Him.  It is a time to use the loneliness to grow in knowledge about God and to grow in understanding of our relationship with Him.  Put all else aside and let Him speak to you.  What a blessing that time of loneliness can become.

Dr. Wayne

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