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January 2021
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Posted by: DrWayne @ 1:52 pm

Welcome! This is the official weblog of Counseling The Lord’s Way. A Christian Counseling and Mediation Ministry located in Warner Robins, GA, but serving through the internet wherever people may come from to visit us.  We will provide general information about a variety of topics related to counseling, behavior, personal and emotional issues and welcome your comments, suggestions and feelings about the topics at hand. 

Our goal is to provide a view of and help from a biblical and Christ centered approach to counseling and mediation.  If you have insights or interpretations that help in anyway they are welcome.  We do not claim to be experts on how God or Jesus intended for man to counsel man; we depend soley on our own interpretation of biblical passages and how we believe God would have us interpret them and apply them to everyday behavior, thinking and attitudes.  Our hope is that something we say might help the reader to overcome the problems that are afflicting their everyday life, that they will become closer to God and more like Jesus intended us to be.  We believe that as we behave and think more like God would have us to behave and think our problems will be diminished and we will more closely know who and what God intends us to be like.

Make God Bless you in your search for His desires for your life and may He bless the work that is going on through this ministry.  Dr. Wayne 

2 Responses to “Welcome!”

  1. dfrank Says:
    Are you the same drwayne on space.com? The lord is listening. If you are I challenge you for you injustice. The lord would never blow off someone without council. He even got water from a whore and asks who cast the first stone. What say you? Dfrank
  2. DrWayne Says:
    Sorry dfrank, I’ve never been on space.com, so I have no clue what challenge you are making. I pray however that whatever you seek to clarify that your solution will come with God’s guidance. DrWayne

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