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October 2007
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Getting Ready for Israel
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Posted by: DrWayne @ 10:46 pm

Just 3 weeks from now and we will be making our 2nd trip to Israel.  We’ve got lots to do to get ready but we are really looking forward to going.  Brian has been there since June, digging at various archeaological sites all summer and now studying at Jerusalem University.  One of the side trips we plan to make is to Jordan to visit the ancient city of Petra.  I’ve been told by many this is a place not to miss, and recently it has been added as one of the top 10 wonders of the world.  We still don’t know how we are going to get there, so that in itself will be an adventure.  They tell me it isn’t easy, but we’re adventureres and we’ll find a way.  We look forward to seeing our good friend Joni though we will only have a few days together.  The first time we visited Jerusalem it felt as though we were called home.  What a wonderful place.  This time I feel again like the Lord is leading us and has a special plan for us.  All we can do now is pray for His guidance.  Now is the problem of getting back into shape for the trip and all the walking we will naturally do.  We have both let ourselves go way to long.  Thank you Lord for opportunities like this that help motivate us into doing what we should be doing daily.  May the Lord Bless all who read this, and may you not wait until the last minute to do the things you know are right and that you know you need to be doing.  W

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